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Dwight Roston

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Name: Dwight Roston
Talent ID: MTS1677
Location: USA, MI, Detroit
Age: 24 years old
Height: 6'2
Shoe Size: 10' 1/2
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
About Me:
I am 18 years old i have been rapping for about 4 years that may not be along time but i am extremely talented and motivated when it comes to music. I just recently dropped my third mixtape (HBMG Vol.1) and am currently working on my fourth. Up until now i have recorded , produced , and promoted all of my own music. I love to perform and have amazing stage presences,i'm also a part time model. This year I won 1st place at a talent competition at my school, two weeks after that i moved on to the next level of the competition which was the top three winners from each school got to compete against each other at hard rock cafe downtown where i also won 1st place. The prize for that was a opportunity to open for KEM'S mack and third concert on august 26 2012 where i recived an encore, and i also performed at the spoken word bill board awards in canton Michigan.That was just my musical porfolio as far as modeling i was a model at fashion week detroit march 10 2012 with joe faris and denis illitch.

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