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Emily Boldt

Total Views: 450 -- Casting Agents Views: 37

Name: Emily Boldt
Talent ID: MTS6856
Location: Canada, ON, Toronto
Age: 27 years old
Height: 5
Shoe Size: 7
Jacket/Dress size: 3
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blond
About Me:
My name is Emily Boldt, I'm 25 years old and I'm a mother of 2 boys! Ages 6 years and 1 year. I am a stay-at-home mom. But, I don't just stay home! I run a home based daycare from my home. I also work in the pork industry on the weekends. Is it a lot of work? Yes! Do I love it? yes! I love it because I know that if you don't work hard to achieve your goals, or your dreams, than they'll never come true, You'll feel like you've accomplished nothing. This is my goal. To accomplish my dreams and ideas. To teach my kids, or better yet, all kids! That hard work is the key to success. It's a life tool that should be taught.
I've done some photo shoots in the past with different photographers. Lingerie Shoots, pin up girl shoots with cars, etc. I have never done any type of commercial/video work before. But I'm VERY excited to give it a try! I'm a quick, fast learner. It doesn't take me long to figure anything out. This is why I am confident that I'd be good at almost ANY job that is out there.
I'm very outgoing and fun! This is a passion of mine and I put my every effort into it. I've wanted to do this for a long time now. Something I've always been into. It's fun and you always learn something new and see something new.
For me, being on MTS is one of my goals. Now I just need to achieve what comes along with it. The gigs, the shoots, commercials, etc. Whatever it is, I want in. If you were to give me a look, a chance if you would. You'd see exactly how hard working I am. But just because I work hard, doesn't mean I'm no fun! I'm a very gitty kind of person. I can be shy. Or I can be right in your face and to the point. I'd be perfect for so many different roles or characters!
So, I hope you enjoyed my bio, along with my photos. I hope you decide that I'm good for your job! I can proudly prove to you that I can be. As for my video, it is coming! I should have one up within the next couple weeks!

My Instagram is @3milyb0ldt check me out!

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