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Jakey Turley

Total Views: 4580 -- Casting Agents Views: 368

Name: Jakey Turley
Talent ID: MTS2329
Location: USA, NY, New York
Age: 34 years old
Height: 5-9
Shoe Size: 11
Jacket/Dress size: medium-large
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
About Me:
Talents: Videography, Directing, Filmmaking, Acting, Modeling, Marketing, Brand Promotion, Creative Development, Journalism, Public Speaking, Songwriting, Voiceovers, Recording Arts, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Singing,

Classical Dance Training: Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Modern

Current: Masters of Science Degree of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
at Full Sail University-online

Past Studies:
Theatrical Production at the University of London 2011
Independent Filmmaking at Sundance Film Festival 2010
Performance Speaking at the Universidad de Guadalajara 2008

Past Modeling: Trojan, Matador, Yahoo!, Encore! Nationwide, Chopra Foundation, Syfy, TNT, Sundance Institute, Gen Art, Kenneth Cole Productions

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