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Kyle Anderson

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Name: Kyle Anderson
Talent ID: MTS6637
Location: Canada, ON, Toronto
Age: 32 years old
Height: 6
Shoe Size: 10
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: brown
About Me:
Unique, very different, as I have beat a "Traumatic Brain-Injury" T.B.I - I call it - "T.he B.est I.njury" which coming back has made me so strong. I am disabled, and very proud of it with a unforgettable swagga. I have the best attitude towards life, very spiritual that is purely manifesting all and am wide awake. I am one who understand the "Law of attraction" and strong believer in this universe that I find not to many understand and it's just bad, but there time will come to awaken, but many sleep this life away, but maybe next life. I am at a very high level, on the 6th-7 die mention where many are even on the third(https://youtu.be/wNdfzBKMB2w) I am very, very fort-unite to have such good looks aswell, great smile, and eyes + my dread-locks help even further as I am very stunning, very handsome, and very confident. I am also very spiritual, who loves yoga, and meditation who is on the leading edge of this universe who is very wise and knowledgeable and from meditate it brings all my dreams to manifest. I have been modeling with very high level of confidence, but ready to take it to the next level. Dreams of being an actor are manifesting,& I am very funny, and comical, with the best personality that loves making others laugh so I perform "Stand-up comedy. With my dreams for years I have written up an excellent Documentory/docu-sitcom type show/film, and film that I would like to presue when the time is right. I am a traveler, and Inspirational speaker who travels the world and inspires all...

Check me out these links: youtube channel- www.youtube.com/channel/UCN5DqjddmP9e73dcGsK5txQ

Instagram: @_angel_anderson

facebook: Angel Kyle Anderson

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