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Laurele Kornfeld

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Name: Laurele Kornfeld
Talent ID: MTS1362
Location: USA, NJ, Highland Park
Age: 53 years old
Height: 5'3"
Shoe Size: 6.5
Jacket/Dress size: 12-14
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: red
About Me:
Contact: (908) 208-2531 Height: 5’3”
laurelkornfeld@netzero.net Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Dark Brown
Voice: 2nd Soprano
FOOTLOOSE Eleanor Dunbar Stage Stars, New Brunswick, NJ
NJ RENAISSANCE FAIRE Supporting Cast (Court Astrologer) NJ Renaissance Faire at Liberty Lake, NJ
BLOOD BROTHERS Ensemble Edison Valley Playhouse, NJ
SHAPATU OF ISHTAR Ninshubur (Supporting) Hands of Change Ishtarfest, NJ
CINDERELLA AND HER Stepmother Playhouse 22, East Brunswick, NJ
TEN PLAYS/PLAYS IN TEN Claudia Lister in “Pickup” Raritan Valley Community College
By David Raine Lydia Turner in “Slightly Left of Paradise” Performing Arts Department
SUMATRA Meg (lead) Independent Production, Princeton University
ANNIE GET YOUR GUN Townsperson North Brunswick Drama Group, NJ
CAROUSEL Townsperson North Brunswick Drama Group, NJ
FIORELLO Florence Playhouse 22, East Brunswick, NJ
MAN OF LA MANCHA Prisoner North Brunswick Drama Group, NJ
HAIR Emmaretta Playhouse 22, East Brunswick, NJ
RAGS Esther Playhouse 22, East Brunswick, NJ
MY FAIR LADY Maid Techniques Theatre, East Brunswick, NJ
ONCE UPON A MATTRESS Emily, Lady In Waiting Franklin Theatre Ensemble, NJ
THE MASQUERADE Schoolgirl, Townsperson Harvard-Radcliffe Drama Group

ZOMBIE TV (Web Series) Newscaster/Zombie Trick or Treat Films
HALLOWEEN: OBSESSION Vin’s Mom (featured) GWD Films
SHERIFF TOM vs THE ZOMBIES Pluto Lady (featured) Weber Productions
THE WATCHERS Aunt Morgan (featured) Shady Dawn Productions
MONO NO AWARE Linda (featured) Drexel University Student Film
MY ORIGIN Mrs. Andrea Hoffman (featured) Lelina-Callaway Productions
CURSED 2: SHEOL Ginger (featured) Shady Dawn Pictures
MARY HORROR Pluto Lady (featured) Weber Productions
COLD AS SOUL Francine (secondary lead) Laura G. Productions
THAT DAY Hitchhiker (featured) Luc Bernier Productions
REJECTION Gertrude (lead) NYFA Student Film
DESECRATION Nun Taking Vows Tomaselli Productions
FUTILITY Inmate (featured) Walter Blakely Productions, NJ
DELI HELL Spelunker (featured) W.A.V.E. Productions, NJ
PSYCHO CHARLIE RETURNS Crystal (lead) W.A.V.E. Productions, NJ
CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE 2 Justine (featured) In Dire Straits Productions, NJ

ACTING: Roger Hendricks Simon Studio Roger Hendricks Simon
H.B. Studio Michael Beckett, Jeanne Kaplan
New Ehrlich Theatre, Boston Terry Stoecker
VOICE: H. B. Studio Martha Hitch
ON CAMERA: Creative Acting Company Gus Waite
Bob Collier Studios Lisa Lelas
Madelyn Burns Grant Wilfley
Swimming, Bicycling, Contra Dancing, Hebrew, Works Well with Children, Writing, Licensed Driver, Portraying Characters for Children’s Parties, Dungeons and Dragons, Performing in Renaissance Fairs

Availability: Flexible

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