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Natalya Orvitz

Total Views: 916 -- Casting Agents Views: 74

Name: Natalya Orvitz
Talent ID: MTS5249
Location: Canada, ON, Thornhill
Age: 38 years old
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Shoe Size: 9
Jacket/Dress size: 0/2
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: blond
About Me:
My name is Natalya..I am from Ukraine and I moved to Canada two years ago....I am fluent in 4 languages..In Ukraine I worked as a model/actor so I have lots of experience...I was in T.V. commercials, movies(small parts), swimsuit magazines and fashion shows(runways)...I have over 10 years of experience I am always available....natalyaorvitz@gmail.com...Thank you

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